Brick Cleaning Toronto

We use high heat and low water pressure to clean brick and leave it looking new, without damaging the surface or the underlying structure of the wall. The cleaning process is environmentally safe, and leaves your building looking great. Sometimes a bucket of soapy water just won't cut it. Some cleaners will also remove the colour from the brick, so it's important to know which colours and textures of brick can hold up to what cleaners. If you're unsure of what type of brick you have, or what cleaners are safe to use, it's best to leave it to us; the brick cleaning specialists. You should also be cautious about damaging the bricks surface. Cleaning too aggressively with a power-washer may chip and damage bricks, allowing water to seep through. You can also seriously harm the bricks finish .
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Brick Cleaning Services

Our brick cleaning services are not limited to graffiti and tagging. We can also remove grime, debris and spills with our hot water presser system. It's important to know what type of brick will withstand the different pressures of our brick cleaning system. Blue, white or gray brick tend to require lighter pressure as the color can be damaged with high pressures. Red brick is one of the strongest bricks, and can be washed with a higher pressure. The sand finish of the brick protects it, and our high heat/low water pressure system used to clean bricks does not break down the surface significantly, and is safe to use to remove graffiti, dirt, grime and other debris.

Although the amount of graffiti in Toronto has declined overall, is still presents a problem and needs to be addressed as close to when it happens as possible. Having graffiti on your building is detrimental in many ways: it lowers your property value, and actually attracts more graffiti and other types of vandalism. A "tagged" wall gives the impression that no one is paying attention to or taking care of the building, or its contents - it's an invitation to more petty crime. Depending on your location, you may require brick cleaning services more often. Smog, dust, car exhaust and exposure to the elements can all cause the time between cleanings to vary. If you're near an area where there is an airport, jet fuel can also cause problems. Frequent Toronto brick cleaning using low pressure will lengthen the life of your brick, as well as deter graffiti artists as they know their 'art' will be washed away.
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Alternatives to Brick Cleaning in Toronto

Think you can just paint over it? You may want to re-assess your options. Painting over bricks can trap in moisture, which freezes in the winter and destroys the brick. You can very easily run into structural problems this way. A better option is to enroll in our TAG (Take Away Graffiti) Toronto graffiti removal service, which includes weekly or monthly monitoring and removal of graffiti, as well as a Graffiti Resistant Coating that protects surfaces and makes them easier to clean. We can safely clean painted brick, if painting has already been completed.

If you need our graffiti removal, brick cleaning & pressure washing services, contact us in Toronto today at 416 234 9222 or, or just fill out our estimate request form and we'll get in touch with you soon! Trust our specialists to keep your property looking great.