Graffiti Removal Toronto

The first step in removing graffiti is an assessment of both the type of surface being treated (brick, concrete, glass) and the product being removed (ink, paint, or even gum and posters). We then select the specialized product and process for the job that will eliminate the graffiti without damaging the surface. Our trained specialists are detail oriented professionals who take pride in their work and are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Digital before and after photos confirm the quality of their work.
If your building is in the Toronto area, it's probably a target for tagging graffiti. This type of graffiti is a writers signature, or logo with marker or spray paint. It's the most common type of graffiti and, when spray paint is used, not resistant to our cleaning methods. A "tagger" may try to practice their signature many times on your property, so it's important to keep removing their signature as to deter them. Stickers may also be used and, while they look easy to remove, they may damage surfaces if they are not removed properly. Other graffiti such as paint bombs and full pieces require careful selection of removal methods.

Graffiti Removal Products

Graffiti removal products are not usually available in home improvement stores, and those that are available are for small jobs. Chemical removers are used with caution, and as little as possible, as they are harmful to the environment and our workers. Even when products say they are non-toxic, and biodegradable, that is not always the case. We use environmentally friendly methods whenever possible. We use a high heat, low pressure removal system that has proven time and time again to give the best result with the least risk of wearing down the surface being treated. By applying a protective coating after washing off the graffiti, we further protect the building surface from wearing down. Graffiti Buffer also removes graffiti from hard to treat surfaces such as stucco, wood and vinyl.

Glass Graffiti Removal

Graffiti on glass may be due to paint or etching. Etching is when a signature is scratched into the surface of the glass. We can repair damaged glass and remove paint from glass surfaces using our specialized equipment. It's best to leave glass graffiti removal to the experts, as pressure washing glass can break and crack it, seriously injuring those who come into contact with the broken glass.
before/after portfolio before/after portfolio

Toronto's Graffiti Removal Plan

The Toronto Police Services is a key partner in the "Graffiti Management Program" plan to manage graffiti in Toronto. To report hate or gang-related graffiti, call Toronto Police Services at 416-808-2222. You can report graffiti on city property by calling 311 and report it anonymously. If you have graffiti on your own property, you are responsible for cleaning it up. You can also report it here . If you are tired of seeing the graffiti on your building and you need our graffiti removal, brick cleaning & pressure washing services, contact us in Toronto today at 416 234 9222 or, or just fill out our estimate request form and we'll get in touch with you soon to talk about how to remove the graffiti, scratches, posters and other messes!