Pressure Washing Toronto

Graffiti Buffer offers graffiti removal in Toronto, Ontario using a high heat and low pressure washing system that removes graffiti while protecting your buildings structural integrity. We guarantee all of our work, and that our customers are fully satisfied with the work performed by our specialists. From spray-bombs to paint tagging, we remove it all. We even take and provide photos of our work to show you the result after completion. Keep reading to learn more about our graffiti removal process!

Graffiti Removal Process

The first step in our process is to do an assessment of the building surface. We will ask the customer what surface they need the graffiti removed from, but also do an on-site inspection when we get there to ensure we use the right specialized cleaning products. Using the wrong products for graffiti removal can damage the surface, and eventually lead to a degraded building surface effecting the structural integrity of your building. Once we choose and apply the right cleaning product, we apply a hot water presser wash to remove the product, and with it the graffiti. We try to use the hot water pressure as much as possible, as it's an environmentally safe tool for graffiti removal. We may apply a graffiti resistant coating to protect the surface, or make future cleaning easier.
before/after portfolio before/after portfolio

TAG (Take Away Graffiti) Program

The TAG program offers enrolled customers weekly or monthly monitoring of your property to keep it graffiti free. The program is popular with landlords and industrial building owners who may not be on site to monitor graffiti regularly. A photo summary of the graffiti and removal is provided throughout the month. The program also includes glass repair, power washing, brick cleaning, poster and sticker removal. We apply a graffiti resistant coating to protect the surface against re-attempts, which deters graffiti "artists" from re-tagging buildings.
before/after portfolio before/after portfolio

Is it art? Perhaps some consider that graffiti is a type of art, an expression of the artist's ideas. There is no question that some who partake in the "art" of graffiti are very creative and highly talented individuals. Nevertheless, when it is applied to your building without your permission, it is difficult to appreciate any intrinsic value it may have to the person who put it there or to anyone else. And since graffiti tends to beget more graffiti, any artistic merit is quickly overshadowed by the lowering of your property value and the open invitation to more acts of "art". The best response to having graffiti on your building is having it professionally removed as quickly as possible. That's where we come in. Graffiti Buffer is Toronto's graffiti removal specialist.

We also offer brick cleaning and pressure washing services. Make your buildings look like their new, and remove grime, mildew, and pollutants.

If you are tired of seeing the graffiti on your building and you need our brick cleaning & pressure washing services, contact us in Toronto today at 416 234 9222 or, or just fill out our estimate request form and we'll get in touch with you soon to talk about how to remove the graffiti, scratches, posters and other messes!